I often say that gratitude is the mother of all virtues. I am not saying this because the phrase is strong and causes effect, but because it is the purest truth.

Gratitude is like the feedback system of a cybernetic process. By putting 21°C on the control of an air-conditioning unit, you put intelligence into a machine. Whenever the temperature rises above 21ºC in the room where the air-conditioner is, it will start the cooling process; and whenever the temperature of the room falls below 21ºC, it will stop the cooling process, keeping the room at the given temperature.

The room temperature is the feedback for how well the air conditioner works. And gratitude is the feedback to keep on receiving what we are satisfied with.

We often hear people say that they didn’t get what they wanted or that they lost what they had. We rarely hear them say that they would like to have a certain thing and they got it, or that they wouldn’t like another thing and really don’t have it…

If you want more of what you like, be more thankful for what you have. And appreciate what you have to get what you want!

When the wheel of abundance is driven by the acts of declaring (statements have the power to change reality if made with authority), requesting (only those who request receive), and risking (those who risk, trust, and are rewarded for it), it is turning in your favor. And when the wheel turns in your favor, you no longer have to make so much effort, because the movement becomes natural. Right?

– Almost certainly! All that is left is to do your part and thank the Universe.

You like someone very much and give them a gift. The person receives the gift, keeps it, and says nothing. You give another gift and, equally, the person keeps it without saying anything. You repeat the kind gesture once again, and again you get no manifestation from the person. What do you do? Stop giving gifts to that person. Or worse: he refuses to continue to be kind to her and to do her any favor, no matter how small.

Give a return to the Universe: give thanks. Say you “liked the gift” and express gratitude for all that you want and have received, and for all that you do not want and have not received.

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