This is the third review article in the series that aims to break the paradigms related to the possible harm caused by saturated fats and cholesterol in human health. Scientific data on omega-6, omega-3, and trans fats and the phenomenon of lipid peroxidation are presented and discussed, as well as their influence on chronic inflammation. It has been erroneously established in recent decades that saturated fats and cholesterol are the cause of cardiovascular and related diseases. A new scientific theory, however, holds that these diseases are actually the result of oxidation of fats and lipoprotein fractions. At the same time, technological development, promoted to make possible the increase in food production and thus ensure its stability, has caused changes in the original molecules of these substances and in the balance of their intake, to which the human body had been adapted for millennia. When consumed in excess, these modified molecules therefore cause chronic low-grade inflammation, which over time results in loss of homeostasis and impaired health, triggering diseases such as atherosclerosis, heart disease, and neurodegenerative diseases.

About the author : Reinaldo Souza

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